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    Do NOT Touch Another Bacteria-Infested Surface Again


    Unless You’re Strapped with an Anti-Bac Snap



    Oh, bacteria and microscopic parasites. We are deadly frightened of them. And it’s for good reason. 

    These teeny-weeny particles can lead to illness, disease, and viruses. But did you know there are more bacteria on door handles than the average toilet seat? 

    You might also be surprised to learn that some bacterias can live on hard surfaces for up to several weeks! 


    And because door handles and elevator buttons get used often, they become hotspots for bacteria and parasites to thrive and multiply. 


    So how do you avoid these “germ gatherings”? How can you fight back, stay healthy and ease your mind when out and about? 

    You don’t need to avoid opening doors for the rest of your life. You need a trusty tool that lets you navigate your way through this bacteria-laden world safely. 

    Now you might be thinking...


    “But Wait, Doesn’t Good Bacteria Exist Too?”



    We believe that if you don’t like bacteria, you’re on the wrong planet. It’s everywhere. And our bodies alone have close to 100 trillion “good” bacteria (mostly in the gut). We live together happily with these little molecules, and actually need them to survive. 

    But in any story, there has to be a villain. 


    “Bad” bacteria can cause disease, inflammation, and autoimmune disorders. And it certainly isn’t found in yogurt and kombucha. 


    It waits for you on knobs, handles, switches, buttons, and any hard, non-porous surface. Ready to strike when you open your next door. 


    Take The Fear Out of Bacteria With Anti-Bac Snap 


    Your First Line of Defence In The Fight Against Viruses


    Stay Strapped

    When you’re packing our patented Anti-Bac Snap, bacteria and virus parasites can’t get close. It’s the only weapon you need in your pocket, handbag or backpack to stay clean and healthy.

    Pre-Loaded Sanitizer

    Built-in sponges containing anti-bacterial chlorine not only keep the device clean but even help contribute to the disinfection of anything it touches. Simply re-soak the sponges in your desired solution when it dries up.

    Smart Handling Elements 

    Use the artificial finger for pushing and the hinged hook for pulling. Replace the majority of movements with one clever tool and avoid touching public surfaces.

    Stop Over-Sanitizing

    It’s normal to want to over-sanitize your hands. But disinfecting your hands too much means you don’t get exposed to any bacteria at all. And can lead to a weakened immune system. 

    Public Bathroom Approved

    Don’t hold it in out of fear. Public bathrooms don’t need to be the enemy any longer. Use your Anti-Bac Snap to safely open doors, lift up the toilet seat, flush and even turn on the tap. 

    City Slicker Friendly

    Are you a city cat? Cities are havens for germs. When you’re in busy places, use the Anti-Bac Snap for peace of mind in the world’s most crowded places. 

    High Floors, Not Fever

    Elevator buttons are the newly discovered humble abode of Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Coliform and other bacteria. Don’t risk getting down with the sickness when you’re going up.

    Perfectly Portable

    Small, lightweight and incredibly effective. Slips right into your pocket, purse, handbag or satchel for added protection wherever you go. 

    Stop The Spread

    By using Anti-Bac Snap, you’re not only protecting yourself but also your surroundings by reducing the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria.




    We All Need To Do Our Part

    We’re living in a monumental moment in history. 

    There are more people in the world than ever before. The potential for the spread of disease and viruses is at an all-time high. 

    We need to stay safe. And keep our families, friends, and others around us healthy, out of harm’s way. 

    We developed the Anti-Bac Snap to help everyone do their part. And stop the spread of bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and disease for a brighter future. Now and for generations to come. 

    But it’s only possible together.



    The New Anti-Bac Snap 


    A Safer Future Together Through Innovation


    ✔️ Re-usable disinfectant tool

    ✔️ Sterilizes handles and buttons

    ✔️ Prevents cross-infection of viruses and bacteria

    ✔️ Perfect for cities and public places

    ✔️ Easily slips into your pocket or bag

    ✔️ Creates a safer future for people everywhere

    ✔️ Peace of mind and stronger health


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